Drug Abuse & the Nature of Addiction

Drug Abuse & The Nature Of Addiction

Saturday February 10th, 2018

We were blessed this past weekend to have with us Fr. Damaskinos Alazrai, Archimandrite of Ecumenical Throne, Fr. John A. Peck, our own Fr. Thaddaeus Hardenbrook, deliver wonderful pesentations on Drug Abuse and the Nature of Addiction. This was the second annual bioethics conference and was a wonderful success! Links to all three sessions are available to view below.

 • Addiction: "Αn Expedited Progression To Psychological Crisis"

 • Addiction As Idolatry: "Looking for Salvation Apart from God"

 • Modern Day Plague: "Root Causes & Effects"

Handouts from the Conference:

Bibliography Addiction

Infinite Thirst of the Passions

Quotes on Addiction

Stages Of Addiction

Three Stages Of Addiction